How It's Made

How It's Made

We are proud that 100% of our leather is produced by a Leather Working Group tannery. All of our leather is British so we know where and how the leather is sourced. As a byproduct of the food industry, our leather is sourced in the most responsible way possible.  All of our leather is buttery soft, you need to feel it to believe it. 
Our handmade leather bags are crafted by our highly skilled team in Somerset, England. It was crucial to us to make our bags in the United Kingdom, to help keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and so we could ensure fair pay and working conditions for all involved in our supply chain. We also wanted to develop real relationships with the lovely people that carefully handcraft our products. We only make 10 bags at a time to avoid over-production and waste of materials.
Did you know that we’ve partnered with Treeapp to plant a tree for every bag we sell? In 2020 alone we planted 1,000 trees. The trees we plant will grow as we do, which we think is pretty special. We want you to feel good knowing that your purchase is helping the planet too.

When styling for our photoshoots we try to do so as sustainably as possible. Most of the pieces you see the models wearing in our campaigns are pulled from Karen and Ellen’s wardrobes. Check out our latest blog post on how we styled our latest re:claimed autumn shoot.

We know there are still changes and improvements we can make to become as sustainable as possible  as we grow. Our promise to you is that we will always strive to be sustainably minded and to find innovative ways to bring you the products you love, without hurting the planet, or the people involved in the process.


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