Year 6

Year 6

Taylor Yates is Six

First of all Thank You - We are here because of You! Please keep sharing, supporting and helping us spread some smiles. This year we created our very first manifesto, we can be a little shy, hard to believe but true! Today seemed to be the right time to start to share our thinking, our purpose and our vision for Taylor Yates over the next six years….

A work in progress - How we design and manufacture is an evolving journey. We will always be honest about our ongoing intent to improve.

Anti obsolescence - We advocate for our products to be loved for a lifetime and take responsibility for keeping them circular.

Test and learn - We test new business models from rental and repair to repurposing waste leather with a view to growing in a responsible way.

Radical collaboration - We share ideas, resources and pursue progress with the local creative community.

Social responsibility - We give back to the communities where we design, source and manufacture.

We believe this is how we will achieve our Purpose and build Taylor Yates as a space for belonging. Where meaningful, modern luxury is for everyone.

We’d love to know what you think?
To celebrate our 6th birthday we want to give you 6 special birthday treats as a thank you. Our birthday gifts are on for a limited time need to be quick. Shop by clicking the link below! 

Thank You as always
Karen, Ellen, Nyree & Aine x
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