Year Four - our first TY playlist

Year Four - our first TY playlist

We are Four & we'd like to say Thank You

Discover our first Taylor Yates playlist created for our 4th birthday!

We are celebrating 4 years since our launch!
You may have seen our Facebook or Instagram posts, we're so grateful to everyone who has helped us grow. We’ve grown from 5 bags to 12, 4 colours to 7 and from our little pod to our own Taylor Yates Studio Store, which opened a year ago!

We are so grateful to everyone who now owns a Taylor Yates bag and has joined the #TYfamily.

To celebrate our birthday we have a presents for you too!  
1. 44% off 4 bags

Mini Mavis
                         £345 down to £193.20                          
£225 down to £126
2. Our very first Taylor Yates party playlist, we love a good tune!
We can't have a birthday party this year so we decided we would create the playlist and share it with you instead - we hope you love it!
3. Beautiful Purpose boxed
Over £100 of gifts for £45 with 100% of profits supporting GlowNI, empowering women.
There is still time to buy your box and book your slot on the 27th or 28th of November to collect it - we are really looking forward to it!
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