Working Together is the Only Solution

Working Together is the Only Solution


Happy Tree and Earth Hour!🌳

As a brand, we put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, we work closely with the incredible team at treeapp to do our part for the environment. We have worked with them since their launch on Earth Day 2020.

Treeapp are a certified B Corp company, (something we are working towards too) who enable everyone on their app to plant a tree everyday for free in the places where they are needed most.

After less than two years treeapp hit a huge milestone of 1,000,000 trees planted and we are so proud to have played our part in reaching that goal. 🌳 

But what exactly is the environmental impact of planting 1 million trees?

On average, once the trees have matured, 1 million trees will absorb around 26,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. For comparison, these 1 million trees can offset the carbon emissions of more than 5,600 cars and half of the yearly carbon emissions of Kiribati, an independent island nation located in the central Pacific Ocean.

Reducing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere will help reduce the greenhouse effect and its impacts on the exaggeration of climate change.

At Taylor Yates we plant a tree for every bag we sell, as well as our team planting a tree everyday for free through the app. Since the summer of 2020 Taylor Yates has planted over 2500 trees all over the world with many more to come! 

Join Us 🌳 

Click the link below to sign up to TreeApp and plant a tree for free everyday! You can do your bit for the environment and discover some amazing sustainable brands! 

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