'Wear & Air' your knitwear

'Wear & Air' your knitwear

Why 'Wearing & Airing' is good for your knitwear and the planet

At Taylor Yates, we encourage you to wash your knitwear less as not only does this keep it beautifully soft for longer, but it’s also better for our planet. 

We chose Merino wool because it's sourced in a sustainable manner,  it’s biodegradable and it’s also very easy to take care of. It’s beautifully breathable and has naturally antibacterial properties as the natural lanolin in the sheep wool repels odour-causing bacteria. This helps  prevent odour and means knitwear made from Merino wool requires less washing. 

The Orla Collection is made from 100% Merino Wool, a natural fibre that is finer and softer than regular wool, therefore requires some care  and attention. Airing your knitwear after wearing gives it a chance to breathe and relax, helping it stay fresh and hold its shape better. 

The fashion industry is a big CO2 generator with washing and caring of clothes accumulating to 25% of each garments carbon footprint.  Washing your clothes less helps you save water, energy and electricity whilst also reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This is something that we, as a society, should be taking a lot more seriously. It is known that if we reduce the amount of times we wash our clothes we can increase their lifespan by 9 years whilst also reducing the water, waste and carbon footprint by approximately 20-30%.



  • Just like you, your knitwear needs a rest. Avoid stressing it but wearing it multiple days in a row. Allow the shape to settle and reshape if needed.
  • Air your knitwear to allow it to breathe. It’s best placed flat on a drying rack.
  • Being based in Northern Ireland, we always have an umbrella on hand just in case and we recommend you do the same. Try to keep your knitwear piece dry as soaking can cause it to stretch and degrade the wool quality. Don’t worry if it gets a little bit wet, just lay it flat on a drying rack to dry fully
  • Spot cleaning is your friend. Life happens but don’t worry,  dab any dirty marks or spills gently with a cloth and some water. Don’t rub!
  • Treat your knitwear. We all love a spritz of something and your knitwear will too. Refresh your garments with a light spray of a garment refresher to keep it smelling fresh and new. 


We would love you to ‘wear & air’ and encourage everyone to be kinder to our planet. Work these rules into your life and encourage others to do the same so together we can aim towards a better, safer and happier planet. 

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