Why Black Friday isn't our way

For the past six years we have not participated in Black Friday and we thought it was time to explain why...
We founded Taylor Yates with a social conscience and sustainability at its heart.
Overproduction leads to overconsumption, which is an issue the fashion industry needs to address.
Our bags are made from high quality British leather, either as a byproduct of food production or over stock languishing on a shelf. We use it to make versatile shapes that you will have in your wardrobe for many years to come. We believe in pricing that reflects the quality of the pieces and that is fair to you as a customer. 
Our vision is to be the architects of a new luxury model which shapes a responsible, progressive & inclusive future for fashion. Taylor Yates is a space for belonging.
Where meaningful, modern luxury is for everyone. We are constantly challenging ourselves to be purposeful designers, to be better, to waste less. 
So far instead of constant sales and black Friday we’ve created….
re:deem -A trade - in and resale service that will offer a voucher in exchange for pre-loved Taylor Yates bags, these bags will then be re:freshed and resold. 
re:serve - re:serve is a rental service to allow access, choice and flexibility for existing and new customers of Taylor Yates.
the TY Insiders private sale -  we don’t believe in sales for the sake of them, we believe it’s important not to devalue your purchase / gift. As designers we don’t always get it 100% right sometimes a colour or a shape simply doesn’t work, with sustainability at the heart of everything we do, returning to the factory or Black Friday discounts aren’t our thing either. So we have created the TY private sale, invitation only, for TY insiders that have bought from us before. We love to find homes for these still beautiful pieces.
beautiful purpose charity lunch - now in its 5th year, always on the last Friday in November, a purposeful alternative to Black Friday, where we get together and raise funds for our charity partners. Simple, honest actions are often the best.
beautiful purpose donations - so far our lunch has only been held locally, as our TY family has been growing we have encouraged our wider community to buy tickets and support us in raising as much money as possible for our charity partners.
opportunities to plant trees - we started planting trees back on earth day 2020.  Over 2500 trees later we plant one for every bag sold, the team plants one each every day and we invite you to plant a tree for free by following this link 
We are a Work in Progress - We are a living, breathing brand, constantly reimagining what we do to be more progressive and inclusive. We will always be radically honest about our intent to improve.
Join us in giving back. 
Not just this Black Friday.

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