Having a purpose

Having a purpose

A few years ago I was asked to give a lecture at the local university, I was to talk about ethics in marketing, this lecture was to lead my life in a completely new direction. As I began my research I became more and more aware that the world had changed, not a surprise maybe, but it was the way I believed it had changed and was changing that inspired me. I believe the old 20th century systems are slowly breaking down, values are shifting and community is coming back. I grew up in the north of England where family, honesty and community were the back bone of who we are. I was surrounded by women determined to make life better and look after each other and everyone else. All around the world business is getting back to looking after the community not because its good for business but because its just good. Think Toms shoes, giving a pair of shoes to a child for every pair they sell.

Taylor Yates is a social good business, and will give funds to causes that support and give daughters around the world the ‘luxury of the freedom of choice’.

We believe that blending business and social innovation can create incredible value. Ultimately we want to deliver something of worth that feels good for us and for our customers. The women that we grew up with gave us the freedom to choose our own path, we would like to try and do the same. Every product we sell will give back something that we believe will have a positive impact in the world.

This is our beautiful purpose.

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