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Welcome to our first ever Taylor Yates editorial. A purposeful and effective guide to building a beautiful capsule wardrobe that’s perfect not only for summer but all year round. 

 We believe the key to mastering a beautiful capsule wardrobe is to invest in minimal and seasonless essentials. From our strong core collection to our fun and unique re:claimed collections, all our bags are created with confidence and longevity in mind. 


Dark tones for summer too 

Longer evenings and warmer weather doesn’t always mean you have to focus solely on bright colours. Why not lean into bold yet breathable black clothes and accessories?

Whether you have fair skin or enjoy tanning in the sun, we think black can look good on everyone and can look so elegant and stylish in a maxi dress, chunky sandals and linen blazers on holiday.

 Our core collection was designed to take you seamlessly through all months of the year, no matter what season it is.


 Bright, bold & beautiful 

When the summer months approach, our wardrobes crave colour and fun. Although the TY team love strong & understated neutrals, during the summer we love to add colour to our outfits with satin maxi skirts, colourful basics and of course a statement blazer.

 Our re:claimed collections were created as a way to bring you a sustainable pop of colour made from repurposed, surplus stock leather.

From vibrant chilli red to luxuriant green, there is a beautiful summer colour for all personalities. 


Love neutrals 

In the hotter weather, not only do we want to look cool and effortless, but we want to feel it also. Neutrals are the perfect go-to for all occasions as the light, soothing tones keep any outfit feeling and looking fresh and sophisticated.

 The beauty of wearing neutral colours is that they all pair together effortlessly, so they are super simple and easy to style. A key aspect to remember is to choose shades with a similar undertone to our natural complexion so you don’t wash yourself out. 

Creamy neutral shades made from our buttery soft leather is the perfect wardrobe staple all year round.


Mix & Match 

Fashion should be fun and experimental, allowing you to express yourself through your own, unique style. With only a small collection of clothing and accessories, you can easily create looks to maximise your number of outfits whilst being sustainable and economical.

At Taylor Yates, we want you to feel comfortable and confident. Purposeful, effortless and seasonless pieces are what we are about and we love encouraging others to view fashion and trends in the same way.

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