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The Luxury of knowing family

If you have read one of our blogs before you will know that family is very important to us. In fact our brand name connects two families The Taylors, the family I was born into and The Yates family that I married into to. As you may also know, my daughter Ellen Taylor Yates has helped create the brand, with my husband Russell as chief supporter and counsel and our sons jack and Tom helping with anything else from IT to lifting, carrying and standing behind and holding a 6ft board on a beach for a day…

 I grew up in the north of England where family, honesty and community were the back bone of who we are. I was surrounded by women determined to make life better and look after each other and everyone else. This shaped me as a person, as an business and as a mum. Having a family to support you shouldn’t be a luxury, what ever form your family takes, however large or small, no matter the distance between you or where you happen to be born in the world.

 A few weeks ago we spent a day on the beach creating new images for our growing Taylor Yates community, that day and the days running up to it, were incredible. The Taylor Yates family grew to 14 people that day and we couldn’t have done it without them. We are going to list them below and share some of the behind the scenes shots with you. It was one of those amazing days when you take a moment to look around and realise that all these people, have got up really early, driven a distance, some for no charge and are standing on a pretty chilly beach, on the north coast of Northern Ireland to help you to realise your dream…it’s a pretty special feeling and it demonstrates what family means to us. Thank You doesn’t seem enough…

Here is the team and what we got up to that day.
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Photography – Gundega Roge
Model – Alex
Styling – Marie-Claire Ferguson
Make up – Nicole McEvoy
Creative Team – Tim, Christine, Conor, Josh, Gary
Family Helpers – Russell, Ellen, Tom
Location – Whiterocks Beach, Portrush




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