Sustainable Fashion Is Beautiful

Sustainable Fashion Is Beautiful

We decided to spotlight some of the beautiful women we have had the pleasure to work alongside. 

We asked them what sustainable fashion meant to them and also what their favourite Taylor Yates bag is.

Shannon Kenyon

Shannon is a 24 year old fashion buying assistant and content creator living in Manchester. 


“I always thought that in order to be “fashionable” I had to have the latest this or what and follow the trends, but as I started working in fashion and my love for fashion grew, I realised that it’s all about staying true to what you love, and incorporating those trends within your own style in a more sustainable and achievable way!

 I prefer spending more on items that will last to be as sustainable as possible with my shopping habits.”


  Her favourite bag is:

        Elsie in Forest Green                           





  Hannah Scott

Hannah attended Princeton University with a rowing scholarship and graduated in 2021. 

At the age of 19 she began representing Great Britain and in 2020 she was selected to represent Team GB at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


“Coming from Northern Ireland I have grown up having an emphasis always being placed on care for my local community and its natural surroundings.

The time for change is here and it is why I love Taylor Yates. TY is a brand I can buy into, not just another I can buy from. They care about people, the community and planet as well as providing stunning leather bags in the process. For every bag you buy they plant a tree!

Also, by naming each type of bag individually in memory of a person close to TY, I feel a sense of connection and love for my bag.

Taylor Yates is of the highest quality in every standard by being both stylish and sustainable - not compensating one for the other.”


Her favourite bags are:

        Agnes in Forest Green & Tilly in Black






  Lucinda Graham

Lucinda is a self-proclaimed eco-punk. Living the student life, she soon came to realise that her social calendar was becoming too expensive for her student budget. 

This led her to becoming creative with the clothes she already owned and now is the founder of A Quiet Ceremony, whose goal is to sell less and sell well.

 “As a designer that has sustainability at the core of my practice, it means the world to me. It means that I do not think I am above any other garment workers/women, and do not deserve to cut corners in the supply process by working with virgin plastics and cheap labour.

Cutting such corners only adds to fashion's huge waste problem and throwaway culture, but making it slow and sustainable offers options to consumers to make positive changes to the industry through their shopping habits.”


Her favourite bag is:

        Agnes in Black

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