Trends Made to Last

Trends Made to Last



This season’s roomy carryalls come in ultra-soft leathers and suedes in shapes that, while read ultra-relaxed, still come across as sophisticated. Shop TY hero bags, Agnes, Mini Agnes and Alice for the perfect slouchy, relaxed and timeless pieces.


For those seeking a seasonless handbag investment, you’ll find happiness within the “quiet luxury” trend. Minimalism is the core of what we do at Taylor Yates, our bags offer an understatedly chic look for the everyday... Timeless Luxury made to last.


If there’s one spring 2023 handbag trend that will surely never go out of style, it’s the baguette bag. A brand new shape at TY, with its signature snug under-the-shoulder carry and zip closure, you can’t go wrong with the shape. A minimal style lover's dream.


This idea of something already possessing wear and tear or being pre-owned is a theme we’re seeing on everything from leather jackets to handbags. We have introduced our re;deem service, a trade - in and resale service that will offer a voucher in exchange for pre-loved Taylor Yates bags, these bags will then be re:freshed and resold.

These may be spring trends for 2023 but a TY bag will last much longer than just one trend cycle. Made to be seasonless and timeless, a TY bag is a bag for life. A piece you can pull out of your wardrobe in years to come and you’ll not have to worry if it’s on ‘trend’. Stealth luxe, everlasting classics, the ones that stick around in your wardrobe for years. 

Yes! Buy less, Buy better! 

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