Our Manifesto - Part 1

In 2022 we created our very first manifesto.
Now at the start of 2023, feels like the right time to start to share our thinking, our purpose and our vision for Taylor Yates over the next year and beyond.
Our first manifesto point is - we are a work in progress...
How we design and manufacture is an evolving journey. We will always be honest about our ongoing intent to improve. We are a living, breathing brand, who's constantly reimagining what we do to be more progressive and inclusive. 
We will always be radically honest about our products and brand.
Being a Work in Progress
Being honest with you, our customers, means we are building a transparent relationship in which you trust us, our brand and our vision. As a team we love to learn. Thoughts and suggestions from our community and customers are important to us to help us improve and progress. 
When you google the meaning of ‘a work in progress’ it says “an unfinished project that is still being added to or developed”.
Some people may view unfinished negatively, however, we believe we will always be adding and developing new ideas at Taylor Yates. It is the only way to improve and grow, we will keep learning from the things we have done right and our mistakes and continue to be a work in progress. 
Customers always come first at Taylor Yates, as a work in progress, we value your thoughts and opinions to help us grow. We would love to know what you think, or if you have any ideas on how we can be more inclusive this year?
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