Perfect Porcini

Perfect Porcini

To be the architects of a new luxury model which shapes a responsible, progressive and inclusive future for fashion. This is the vision of Taylor Yates and what we are working  towards every day.

The future is moving towards a more low-key, minimal and understated approach to fashion. The growing concerns for the fashion industry's environmental impact has driven many consumers to pay more attention to their spending habits and adopt the “buy less, buy better” approach to fashion.

Versatility and ease are more important than ever when it comes to sustainable fashion as it is the basics that are foundational to anyone's wardrobe. Investing more in high quality pieces and timeless basics that can be worn for seasons and many years to come is something that we as consumers need to  be taking more seriously.

Apparently with as little as 12 essential pieces, you can build a capsule wardrobe, suitable for any occasion. These wardrobe staples allow you to easily mix and match without reaching outfit fatigue and therefore you spend less on clothes you don’t need and are getting the wear out of high quality pieces, worthy of their price point. 

At Taylor Yates, we pride ourselves on being purposeful designers and radical thinkers. Although our core collection includes timeless tones, we realised it was missing a foundational neutral. It was important that we found the perfect neutral colour that was deserving of our Taylor Yates stamp and aligned with our brand aesthetic. They say that things happen when you are least expecting them and this couldn’t be more true.

If you have been following our journey for a while, you will know that we love to bring colour to Taylor Yates with our re:claimed collections. Colour that we know you will love just as much as we do. As it is reclaimed leather, this means it is leather that has been used for a different purpose and then no longer needed, so it’s an ideal way for us to combine new, bright and exciting colours in line with our sustainability mission.

On our search for new re:claimed colours, we came across ‘Porcini’, an effortlessly stunning neutral colour that we instantly loved , we just knew that it was a perfect fit for our core collection. Initially bought and dyed by a company for headphones, 16,000 sq ft of Porcini coloured leather was now placed in the hands of Taylor Yates.

Due to the love we had for the colour and the amount of leather available to us, there was no question of it not being a part of our core collection. Being able to further our abilities as a brand to provide beautiful, purposeful and seasonless pieces filled us with so much joy and confidence we couldn’t wait to get started on the process of bringing Porcini to life. 

As a team at Taylor Yates, we all have our own  takes on fashion and styling but have loved the inclusivity Porcini has brought to the brand. Styling with denim jeans and flip flops to a suit and heels, it pulls together any outfit for all occasions beautifully, tying back in with the important approach of “buy less, buy better”.

Porcini has been in the making for a long time and we love how it has turned out, we hope you love it too, it’s definitely a keeper..

See which styles are available in Porcini here!

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