Our Manifesto - Part 4

Our manifesto part four...
We share ideas, resources and pursue progress with the local creative community. We are proudly rooted in Northern Ireland and we are dedicated to the cultural enrichment of people and place. Our bold global outlook is underpinned by a sense of pride.
We are open spirited, inviting others into our brand to build a new, inclusive and dynamic version of luxury. We invite participation from our suppliers, our customers and the creative community.
Our Vision for Radical Collaborations
This year we hope to collaborate with local brands to bring new products to our customers. Working with others allows for new growth and ideas. We love to learn from those around us, what better way than to connect with brands we know and love.
Some exciting things to come in 2023, do you have any idea what they could be? Or who do you think we should collaborate with? We wold love to know, WhatsApp us through the link below and let us know your thoughts...

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