Our Manifesto - Part 3

Our third manifesto point is - to test and learn...
We test new business models from rental and repair to repurposing waste leather with a view to growing in a responsible way. Taylor Yates aims for slow sustainable growth, this is the focus point within everything we do.
One way we are being more responsible is by repurposing waste leather. At Taylor Yates we are not about throwaway fashion, we believe in creating quality products, and doing it in an eco friendly and sustainable way. 
How We Test and Learn
The Re:Claimed Collection is another step in our journey towards being more sustainable and doing our bit for the planet. Made from repurposed surplus leather, starting with what others look at as waste and turning it into beautiful bags that our customers can love and use. By introducing new colours and textures through our reclaimed collection this allows us to test what works and what doesn't. Seeing our customers' reactions helps us to learn more and therefore grow as a brand. 
 Another way we have been able to test and learn is through our rental service, called re;serve. As a brand we want everyone to have the opportunity to have our products, we believe modern luxury is for everyone. 
 Re:serve is a rental service to allow access, choice and flexibility for existing and new customers of Taylor Yates. 
We have been quietly renting for over a year now, we thought now was the time to let everyone know. If you have an event or special occasion coming up, would you like a taylor yates bag to take with you?

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