Our Manifesto - Part 2

Our second manifesto point is - we are anti obsolescence...
We advocate for our products to be loved for a lifetime and take responsibility for keeping them circular. Beginning with beautiful, useful and responsible leather bags, produced with a strong environmental and social conscience.
Taylor Yates aims for slow, sustainable growth which makes a contribution to the cultural enrichment of people and place along the way. 
One way in which we try to be sustainable is creating a product that will last a lifetime, is seasonless and will never go out of style. Our minimal design values transcend the season. We create with beauty, usefulness and longevity in mind. We are always evolving to be more responsible, curating a minimalist wardrobe does just that. 
Introducing re:deem
We founded Taylor Yates with a social conscience and sustainability at its heart. Overproduction leads to over consumption, an issue the fashion industry needs to address. We want to be part of the solution rather than adding to the problem, we are always responsible for everything we put into the world. Always.
Re:deem is a trade - in and resale service. Bring your pre-loved Taylor Yates bag back to us when you're ready, we will value it based on condition, length of use etc and give you a voucher worth up to 50%* of your original purchase price.
Your bag will then be re:freshed and resold to a new home so it can continue to be used and loved, avoiding the bottom of the wardrobe languish, while you have a voucher to put towards something new for you.  
In October we had our first re:deem customer! She re:deemed her Mini Agnes in Petrol that she had for a year and used her voucher to bag a brand new Alice in plum.

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