Our Favourite Royal Looks

Our Favourite Royal Looks

Over the years, although trends have changed and varied drastically, the royal family have stayed true to what they know and love. Naturally chic and elegant, it’s no surprise that they have become ‘trend setters’ to many around the world. 

From Diana’s iconic style of bicycle shorts and an oversized sweatshirt to Kate Middleton’s love for re-wearing some of her best looks, there are many reasons why Taylor Yates love the royals and their style.

If you know Taylor Yates, you will be familiar with our story and where the names of our bags come from. Each bag is influenced by different women in Karen's life and so it only felt right to name the styles after them. The resurfacing of these particular handbag styles ignited a thought in the minds of Taylor Yates - although trends are constantly changing, they usually come back full circle and this is why we believe that classic, seasonless pieces are the future 

Being a member of the royal family requires dressing in a style that is chic and modest, yet timeless.This means they are able to wear their best fits over and over again but restyle with alternative accessories to achieve a different look. As a sustainable brand, we believe  it is so important when people in the public eye support these values as it helps encourage and inspire others to do the same. 

When we asked ourselves the question, “What are our top favourite looks worn by members of the royal family?”, we found it incredibly difficult as there have been so many throughout the years. Princess Diana’s off-duty wardrobe has become so influential that it’s no surprise she has been deemed one of the greatest fashion icons of the 20th century. From her iconic revenge dress to her apres-ski outfits, she understood fashion and how to do it right. She soon became best known for her oversized University sweatshirts, sequin gowns and bright coloured shoulder pads, with people all over the world copying and recreating her looks. She didn’t follow trends, she set them and we are positive she will be a fashion icon for many years to come. 

We admire the royal family, not only for their chic and modest fashion, but also their commitment to re-wearing their favourite looks which at TY we view as a true mark of style. Investing in high quality pieces made from sustainable materials means that although you are purchasing clothes with a higher price point, you will have them forever, and therefore need to purchase less. 

From Her Majesty the Queen to Princess Anne and Kate Middleton, they all have a tendency to reimage some of their best looks, some of which are decades old. This highlights how amazing it is to invest in timeless and versatile items because there is so much beauty in reinventing pieces in your wardrobe to create multiple different looks. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, sustainable fashion is becoming a lot more popular to people all around the world. From as simple as changing the accessories and hairstyle, you can create an entirely different look which can be challenging at times, but super fun and exciting.

Appreciating your wardrobe and being practical and pragmatic with your clothes is something to be proud of, as it can help you find your unique style and express your personality through them. Trends are constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with them so why not follow your own trends? Simple, versatile and timeless pieces allow you to build a beautiful, capsule wardrobe that you can re-wear for many years to come. 

Learning these techniques can be a lot of fun and not only help you save money but also do your part in saving the planet - there isn’t anything more beautiful than that. 

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