How To Pull Off A Beautiful Brand Shoot - The TY Way

How To Pull Off A Beautiful Brand Shoot - The TY Way



What do you do when you plan a beach photoshoot for your new knitwear collection but the wind & rain have other plans?

This was the challenge we were faced with back in April when we were organising the launch of The Orla Knitwear Collection. Our moodboards were made up of sea, sun & sand and instead we got rain, hail & wind. Always the optimists, we waited and waited for the forecast to improve. As we edged closer to shoot day and the weather wasn’t on our side, we realised our only option was to amend our ideas and think outside the box.

It was important we kept our values & vision at the forefront of our minds and created a vision board that was true to us and mirrored Taylor Yates as a brand. After much consideration, and a large piece of good luck, we secured a new location,  The Old Bushmills Barn. A beautifully converted Old Rectory, by the very talented @jaspermckeag, with a warm, modern, rustic feel that embodies old Irish charm. Situated in Bushmills, we felt it was the perfect fit and personal touch to add to the shoot as Bushmills is Taylor Yates home too .

With a sudden turn of events, a lot of last minute changes had to be made. Not only did the night before consist of packing up our bags and knitwear, but also an outfit try-on and revised looks with a G&T  in hand. Karen & Ellen spent the evening piecing together multiple new outfits in order to fit the aesthetic of the new vision board. With Karen's beautifully expansive wardrobe, filled with pieces from as far back as the 80s, and the trained eye of our stylist,, we composed the perfect barn shoot wardrobe. 

As a brand, we pride ourselves on being open spirited, inviting others to help build a new, inclusive and dynamic vision to luxury. We believe that collaboration and discussion is truly the answer to growth, improvement and success, it was working alongside a variety of local businesses and experts that allowed our vision to become a reality. 

Arriving at the location early enabled us to scope out the best areas of the house and match them up with the most suitable piece of knitwear. Keeping our vision board front of mind, we carefully selected the best elements of each image so we could create a version that was worthy of the Taylor Yates stamp. Although it was a little stressful at times, the energy of the team was great. It was wonderful  to see so many talented individuals under the same roof, collaborating, to produce what we now know as the “The Bushmills Barn Shoot.”

When it came to the styling, it was important to us that we showed how beautifully transitional each piece of knitwear was. Made from 100% extra-fine Merino wool, The Orla Collection is naturally finer and softer than regular wool, making it beautifully comfortable and soft against the skin. The individual fibres can absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture, helping to achieve a highly breathable material. Not only does it keep you nice & cool in the summer months, but also warm & cosy in the winter. Whether it’s the height of summer or the middle of winter, our knitwear pieces are designed to be a wardrobe staple year round. From styling under a Tommy Hilfiger suit, to pairing with ME&EM joggers, we made it our aim to showcase an outfit for all occasions. No matter where you’re going or what your style or personality is, The Orla Collection will be your go-to.

Thanks to the fab team that is @antipodeagency, we sourced our model, @katherinemagwood who suited the aesthetic perfectly. With the help of makeup artist, @paulagraffin, we enhanced Katherines natural beauty keeping it light and simple so as not to mask her features and allow her personality to shine through. 

This shoot was particularly exciting and important to us as it was our first ever clothing line. Nothing is perfect but we wanted this to be as close to it as possible. Although faced with some challenges in the beginning, we feel so happy and proud of the outcome. Not only was the work produced by our photographer, @macystewartphoto, and filmmaker, @byjacobhenry, breathtaking and everything we could have hoped for, but the day in itself was inspirational. We are grateful for having the opportunity of working closely with such a hardworking team.

Thanks Team


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