Why made in the UK means something

Why made in the UK means something

When we started to search around the world for a buttersoft leather we assumed we might find it in Italy, like most people probably would. We wanted to make the first Taylor Yates collection from the sort of fine, soft leather usually reserved for jackets and gloves. We discovered this requires a very specific set of skills not just in producing the leather but in sewing and manufacturing it too. The brands we admired appeared to be sourcing all over the world and although Italy was mentioned it was often China.

We kept searching and hoped we could find a UK factory but again kept being told it wasn’t possible and then via an old friend we found our factory.

Pittards are one of the oldest leather producers in the UK, they started out in 1826 and are famous for their soft leather skills. They supply brand names like Jaguar, Footjoy and more recently Jack Wills, so we are happy to be in good company.

Our challenge was to produce a beautifully soft leather bag that was strong, durable and didn’t get ruined when it got wet. We wanted to line the bags with a material that was just as beautiful and practical. We use Alcantara which is only made in Italy, a perfect combination for our bags.

We introduced the Pittards team to Alcantara and the results have been amazing. The leather has a special finish that enables it to dry soft if it does get wet and the Alcantara adds a luxurious internal finish that you can still wipe clean without worrying

We really hope you like our first collection, it is important to us that we have been able to design and make our collection in the UK and we hope its important to you.

I was in Somerset last week to collect the first production, Lucy, Craig and the team were great, we took some pics to share, its exciting seeing your brand coming to life…we hope you love it.

Thoughtfully Designed, Beautifully Made

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