Can you Shop a Sale Sustainably?

As fashion lovers ourselves, we know how it feels to want to invest for less. As a growing brand we also know the challenges of starting and growing a business that is focussed on designing and creating beautiful luxurious products, in the most sustainable and responsible way we can. We have almost eliminated all plastic bags, we donate £10 to GlowNI, plus plant a tree with every sale. We are working on our re:deem service so that we can buy back from you enabling you to use a credit against a new bag, whilst enabling someone else to access and own their very own TY bag for less. The questions keep coming though; Is this enough? Can we be more sustainable? Is the constant cycle of full price and reduced price the right model?
Ultimately, we don't think it is. All Taylor Yates bags are designed in N. Ireland and handmade in Somerset, England. We know the names of the team, we chat to them when we visit, they help us with ideas on how to refine and elevate the finished product and they really love the brand. We are committed to this way of working and therefore put a price or value on each product that we believe reflects the time, care and effort put into the whole process. We believe that to mindlessly discount a product because the ‘retail calendar’ says we need to is unnecessary, wasteful and suggests a lack of respect for the product, the people and the planet. We believe we are responsible for everything we create and put out into the world and we are working towards being as progressive, sustainable and responsible as we can be. 
Another part of our mission as a team is to make luxury accessible to a wider audience and as we said at the beginning we all love to invest for less. To help our customers to do this, whilst also not compromising our duty of responsibility and sustainability, we have come up with our first ever Archive Sale. 
Our Archive is a carefully curated selection of individual pieces we know you’ll love, at a reduced price specially for our TY Family. Filled with samples, press pieces, and last chance to buy pieces.  Rather than letting these bags collect dust by sitting in the Bushmills studio, we want them to find new loving homes where they can be cared for and worn for many years to come.
You might have had your eye on one of these bags for a while, so now is your perfect opportunity to get your hands on a forever piece for less. We’re here if you need us for anything - help choosing, styling advice, or just for a chat! Send us a message on Instagram, Whatsapp us at +44 (0)7927 292 272, or call into the Bushmills Studio to see for yourself. 
T's & C's: All Archive Sale purchases are final. No returns or refunds.
The Archive Sale will end at 5pm on Saturday 29th January 2022.

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