“ Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last”

“ Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last”


The concept of minimalism is at the core of what we do at Taylor Yates. Trends come and go, but simple, long lasting and quality pieces never go out of style. 

TY aims for slow sustainable growth that makes a contribution to the cultural enrichment of people and place along the way. Our minimal design values transcend the season. We create with beauty, usefulness and longevity in mind. We are always evolving to be more responsible, curating a minimalist wardrobe does just that. 

Minimalism in essence is about taking away the flash and clutter. Ease and elegance are its hallmarks as well as a neutral colour palette. Our colour palette is inspired by the tones of the landscape that surrounds us, the ocean, the coastline and the ever changing stunning skies are our backdrop. These core colours are versatile and can be paired with anything. 

A brand who inspires our minimist outlook is Joseph. The London label continues its vision of balancing fashion-forward viewpoint with a timeless appeal, breathing new life into luxurious wardrobe staples with its hallmark modern and minimalist approach. 

How to build a minimalist wardrobe? 

Building a minimalist wardrobe means investing in pieces that work from season to season. Taylor Yates was formed with the idea of creating timeless, conscious bags that will last a lifetime. Our minimal aesthetic translates throughout our brand, with our logo being simple and subtle, placed on the top left of each bag. The focal point is the bag itself, creating a uniqueness and minimalist look.     

The future is moving towards a more low-key, minimal and understated approach to fashion. The growing concerns for the fashion industry's environmental impact has driven many consumers to pay more attention to their spending habits.

Versatility and ease are more important than ever when it comes to sustainable fashion; it's the basics that are foundational to any wardrobe. Investing more in high quality pieces and timeless basics that can be worn for seasons and many years to come is something that we as consumers need to be taking more seriously.

Building a capsule wardrobe around essential pieces means you can style for any occasion. Wardrobe staples allow you to easily mix and match, spend less on clothes you don’t need and get years of wear from high quality pieces, worthy of their price point. 



“Minimalism is beyond time” - Massimo Vignelli

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