Introducing Bamboo Silk

Introducing Bamboo Silk

You’re deciding what to wear today, is it wrong to wear the same thing as yesterday? You could change it up a little, a different coloured shirt, the white one today maybe and jeans instead of the slip skirt. 

Introducing our very first capsule collection of bamboo silk essentials, made to wear on repeat in whatever way suits your day or your mood. Developed by our team in Bushmills village, N.Ireland alongside our team of makers in North London. 

Wrapping yourself in responsibly sourced Bamboo Silk from head to toe creates an effortless, quiet luxury we all want in our wardrobe. Only 30 of each will be made, with no overproduction issues to help care for our planet too. 

Why Bamboo Silk?

We did a lot of research before we selected Bamboo Silk, being a responsible brand is key to what we do and sourcing truly sustainable fabrics is actually really hard to do. Nothing is perfect but we felt that on balance bamboo silk came out ahead of most other alternatives. It has the most amazing drape when worn and feels beautifully soft next to the skin. 

Our Inspiration

Inspired by quiet luxury, elegant shapes, excellent materials and, crucially, timeless designs. Key pieces in your wardrobe that will stand the test of time. Looking quietly luxe is about investing in thoughtful pieces, where quiet luxury meets sustainability. If we move towards mindfully curating a selection of high quality styles, we can avoid unnecessarily purchasing items that won’t last. 

Named after strong, stylish women we admire:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Amber Valletta and Kate Moss.

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