What is Fashion Revolution Week?

What is Fashion Revolution Week?

Fashion Revolution Week is a global movement that aims to raise awareness and demand for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry. It takes place every year in April, around the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013, which killed 1,138 people and injured over 2,500. Fashion Revolution Week was started in 2014 in response to this disaster.

The movement was initiated by fashion industry professionals who were deeply concerned about the negative impacts of the fashion industry on people and the planet. The founders, Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro, wanted to create a platform for consumers, industry leaders, and policymakers to come together to ask questions and demand change. The movement has since grown to become a global force, with events and activities taking place in over 100 countries.

Fashion Revolution Week is important because the fashion industry has a significant impact on people and the environment. The industry is responsible for significant amounts of pollution, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions, and it often relies on exploitative labour practices. By raising awareness and demanding change, Fashion Revolution Week aims to create a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry that benefits both people and the planet.

At TY we advocate for our products to be ‘loved for a lifetime’ and take responsibility for keeping them as circular as possible. Beginning with beautiful, useful and responsible leather bags, produced with a strong environmental and social conscience. Taylor Yates aims for slow, sustainable growth which makes a contribution to the cultural enrichment of people and place along the way. 

We give back to the communities where we design, source and manufacture. Taylor Yates was founded with a beautiful purpose and a goal to give back with every product as we grow. 

Anyone can get involved in Fashion Revolution Week by attending events, participating in online campaigns, and engaging with fashion brands and policymakers. To learn more and find out how to get involved, you can visit the Fashion Revolution website at www.fashionrevolution.org

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