Giving Back

Choice should not be a luxury only afforded to women born in the right country or to the right family, it should be available to all. We created Taylor Yates to change the world one women at a time.  - Karen Yates, Founder of Taylor Yates

Taylor Yates was founded with a desire to give back as the business grew, we believe that business should be about more than just business. As a start up this can be a difficult task but we think we have found our true partners in Glow NI, an incredible women's charity based in Belfast, read on to find out more about their work and the incredible impact they have. 

What is the history of GLOW and where is it based?

Located on the street that connects the divided communities of the Falls and the Shankill, GLOW (Giving Life Opportunities to Women) was established in 2011 through a desire to help local women and girls who were suffering from a range of mental health issues stemming from trauma and/or social issues such as unemployment, low income and isolation. Chara Clarke, the visionary behind the organisation, identified an opportunity to help through the creation of cross community, personal development programmes that would encourage and guide participants in addressing mental health issues as well as setting realistic life goals that provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

As of April 2022, we found that 89% of referrals to GLOW are living with anxiety, 66% of referrals are living with depression and 57% of referrals have experienced a form of trauma. 82% of referrals also have low confidence and self-esteem.

What does GLOW NI do for service users?

There are four core programmes which have been specially tailored to suit specific age groups:

  • The Real Me (18+)
  • LILY (10 – 13)
  • Fearless & Female (14 – 17)
  • PASS Project (16 – 24)

All programmes are executed with the aim of achieving five outcomes for participants:

  1. Increased Confidence & Self Esteem
  2. Discovery of Purpose & Identity
  3. Learn & Nurture Practical & Essential Life Skills
  4. Guide you to living a lifestyle of positive mental health ​
  5. Build Positive & Lasting Friendships

In addition to the programmes, GLOW also facilitate a Friday morning women’s drop as well as evening youth sessions for girls. These sessions provide a safe outlet for women and girls to develop connections and friendships made from participating in the programmes. 

During the summer months, our youth can take part in an activity packed summer scheme which focuses on the continuation of steering girls on the path of self-discovery, personal development and positive mental health.

In January 2019, Belfast charity GLOW received funding from the National Lottery that would enable them to establish You GLOW Girl, a social enterprise selling clothing, which would generate further funding to be invested back into the charity and the mental health programmes being delivered to women and young girls.


How do you enrol on a programme?

Applications for our programmes are currently open via our website For self referrals, simply go to the programme you are interested in and register your details on the form at the bottom of the page. A project worker will then be in touch to discuss available options. 

We also take referrals from Trusts, GP’s and organisations such as CAMHS, Suicide Awareness, Autism NI, Extern and many more.

Our programmes can also be delivered within businesses that want to enrol female staff for group personal development sessions. You can find out more via

Do you have an online presence?

You can keep up to date with the charity on the following channels:

Instagram: @glow_ni
Facebook: @glowni
Twitter: @Glow_NI