Summer starts here ☀️

Taylor Yates re:claimed edition, limited edition sustainable colour pop collection. Violet Elsie rouched leather clutch bag, Fuchsia Elsie rouched leather clutch bag
It's almost the end of June  and it's really starting to feel like summer! This month's playlist will hopefully transport you to a beach bar in Ibiza, even if we can't get there in real life yet! Why not enjoy a glass of something lovely in the sun this weekend with our playlist in the background and relax into a perfect summer day. 
This month saw the launch of our limited edition re:claimed collection. A collection produced from unused, overstock leather to create limited edition pieces perfect for a summer pop of colour! We wanted to create something new for you in a sustainable, responsible way so rather than producing thousands of feet of new leather we thought it was better for the planet if we used up what was already available. 
Those who know us well, have said these colours don't seem very us and when you compare them to our normal colour palette we can see why you might think that! This collection was about bring you a pop of colour, to be part of Taylor Yates it had to be sustainable and responsible, as always the colours were chosen purposefully - we love them all!

We stepped in front of the camera for this collection. Out of our comfort zone, we wanted to show you how we do colour and how we would style the new edition with our own wardrobes - everything we wore in the shoot we own!
Don't miss your chance to own one of our limited edition re:claimed collection pieces, once they're gone, they're gone! 

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