Re;serve, Re;fresh, Re;deem

Re;serve, Re;fresh, Re;deem

Currently there is a huge issue globally with overproduction and overconsumption of fashion across the board and consumers are demanding that brands change to reduce their impact on the environment. As Taylor Yates is a small business it allows for more agility and allows the business to put sustainability and responsibility at the heart of everything. Offering seasonless pieces designed with longevity and usefulness in mind is only part of the puzzle. We want to give our TY community more ways to interact with us and to ensure each product we sell is used and loved as much as possible. Introducing services alongside our product range offers new ways to join the TY Family without the commitment of buying. 

We want to do things differently so this is why we introduced our circular services, Re:serve, Re;:fresh, Re;serve, Re;:deem. The introduction of these three new services will allow us to take more responsibility as a business over the products we put into the world and shift our business model towards one that is more circular and sustainable long term. 


Re;:serve is a rental service to allow access, choice and flexibility for existing and new customers of Taylor Yates. Available to use in three different ways - a three day rental, a one week rental and a 12 month rental. Initially only selected styles are available to rent and this is a combination of new bags and display samples, with the view to have rental specific bags produced in the future. 

Re;: fresh

Re;:fresh is a cleaning and refurbishment service offered to current and past customers of Taylor Yates. This service allows customers to pay to have their bags professionally cleaned and rejuvenated, extending the life of the bag even further. This will also be used to clean returned rented bags and for the ree:;deem service. 


Re;:deem is a trade-in and resale service that will offer a voucher in exchange for pre-loved Taylor Yates bags. The value of the voucher is decided on a case by case basis, each bag will go through our grading system and depending on the condition this will decide the value of the voucher. These bags will be re;:freshed and sold as gently used, pre-loved Taylor Yates bags at a discounted price. This service extends the value of the products and also helps to reinforce the core focus of sustainability and responsibility. We have had a great reaction to re;:deem so far, including two customers redeeming Mary and Mini Agnes in Petrol. 

Get in touch if you're interested in any of our services through our whatsapp using the link below or ring us on 07927292272 we look forward to hearing from you all.

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