Meet our Maker

Meet our Maker

Orla McConaghy is 24 years old and is the owner/maker of OMC Knitwear. She is from Lurgan and currently living in Belfast. 

"I've always had a love for fashion and how you can express yourself through it but I never imagined making my own clothes. It wasn’t until I went to University that I fell in love with the process of making. I loved the concept of being able to design and make something exactly how you wanted it."

"Sustainability has always been important to me but again it wasn’t until I was older that I began to realise the importance of it and the impact it can have. I started educating myself on how I can live a more sustainable life and of course clothing plays such an important role. The fast fashion industry blows my mind how out of control it is, which is why I believe in spending a little more on quality clothing that has been made ethically."

"Growing up beside Lough Neagh has given me direct inspiration. I loved the vibrancy of colours that the summer sunsets give and the softness of winter sunrises. This combined gave me a very colourful and soft palette to work with."

"In 10 years time, I hope to have grown my business globally. I want OMC Knitwear to be recognised as a cool, innovative and exciting knitwear brand. I hope that my business allows me to travel and venture to new places and meet lots more like-minded people. And of course picking up more inspiration along the way. I hope in 10 years time OMC Knitwear brings people as much joy and happiness as it brings me to make."


Her favourite bag is;

    Alice in Leather and Suede 

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