Is using 'deadstock' materials sustainable or greenwashing?

Is using 'deadstock' materials sustainable or greenwashing?

At TY we as a team constantly ask ourselves ‘How do we grow Taylor Yates and remain sustainable?’. Is this possible… 

It’s a difficult question to answer, however we love a challenge and we are honest about the fact that we are a work in progress. When you google the meaning of ‘a work in progress’ it says “an unfinished project that is still being added to or developed”.

Some people may view unfinished negatively, we believe we will always be adding and developing new ideas at Taylor Yates, with making the most sustainable choices at that moment in time, front of mind. It is the only way to improve and grow, we will keep learning from the things we have done right, from our inevitable mistakes and continue to be a work in progress.

One way we believe we are growing sustainably is by introducing a re:claimed collection each year. The production of ‘new materials’ when resources either exist, unused or languishing in a stock room, simply adds to the issue the fashion industry is facing globally. More and more we are seeing brands talk about using recycled materials and dead stock which is a step in the right direction. We believe all of these small changes and steps will make a big difference to our future, it may not be perfect but it’s a start. 

The reclaimed collection is made entirely from surplus stock leather found in the warehouse of our Somerset factory with the aim of reducing waste. This also enables us to experiment with more colour, to test attitudes to sustainability and ultimately use the existing resources so the time, effort and care put into producing them does not go to waste. 

After recently completing a Carbon Literacy program, we discovered that by using surplus stock leather already in existence to create our re:claimed collection, we are reducing the carbon footprint of each product produced by as much as 80%.

We have re:claimed these resources to give them a beautiful purpose. A new home, where they can be used and loved, instead of sitting in the warehouse with no purpose. 

Let us know your thoughts on our re:claimed collection? Also if you’d like to shop use the link below…

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