Maison Berger Chestnut Matali Crasset Scented Bouquet

The founding idea of the Matali Crasset Chestnut Scented Bouquet is expressed through this revisited wick. With this design, Matali Crasset wanted to evoke purification and air circulation. A green fragrance gently spreads throughout your home. The notes of eucalyptus, sage and patchouli blend in a gentle waltz of scents that pushes back walls to bring nature indoors.

Bouquet pre-filled with Eternal Sap fragrance. You can refill with 200ml Scented Bouquet Refill.

Do not ignite the wick.

Do not remove the plastic sheath at the ends of the drill bit.

Avoid handling the wick too much.

Do not wash the wick with water or Pure Air - So Neutral Home Fragrance.

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